I can’t say enough positive things about Thimblepress. While I first discovered the brand because of their fabulous confetti greeting cards, I’m continuously amazed by the breadth of their product offering. Thimblepress, by Kristen Ley, is focused on creating happy, innovative products for their customers, and they definitely succeed at it.  You might know Thimblepress for their famous push pop confetti, an adorable little vestibule of fun!

Thimblepress Push Pop Confetti Thimblepress Thimblepress ORIGINAL CONFETTI NEW1 1
Thimblepress Push Pop Confetti









Their collection also includes other party needs, including cocktail napkins, beverage stirrers, banners, and gift tags. On the gift tag front, how cute are these hand painted enclosure cards with teeny matching envelopes?  Perfect for when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to write a full card to your host.  Their gift wrap is also beyond stunning.

Thimblepress Hand Painted Enclosure Notes Thimblepress Thimblepress teenynotes5 Thimblepress 96 new
Hand Painted Teeny Gift Cards
Thimblepress Hand Painted Design Gift Wrap Thimblepress Thimblepress giftwrap3 800PXLS44
Gorgeous Gift Wrap









Which brings me to how it all started… their greeting cards.

Thimblepress is unique in that in addition to their signature confetti cards, they also have other options like letterpress, hand-painted illustrations and objects, foil-embossed, and die cut.  Some of my favorite examples of each are below.

Thimblepress Happy Birthday Confetti Card Thimblepress Thimblepress ConfettiCards HappyBirthday1 800PXLS37
Thimblepress Happy Birthday Confetti Card
Thimblepress Letterpress Engagement Thimblepress Thimblepress ThimblepressEngagement
Thimblepress Letterpress Engagement
Thimblepress Die Cut Florever Card  Thimblepress Thimblepress pewter vase card1
Thimblepress Die Cut Florever Card




Thimblepress Letterpress Sequins Thimblepress Thimblepress ThimblepressSequins
Thimblepress Letterpress Celebration Card
Crystal Ball Die Cut Card Thimblepress Thimblepress crystal Ball card
Thimblepress Crystal Ball Die Cut Card





















I am so crazy about their confetti cards. Just the thought of getting one of these in my mailbox for a birthday or other celebration makes me so happy! They are the epitome of fun and festive. The confetti is in a sealed bag, so it is mess-free and as a bonus, can also be used to decorate a birthday table now or later.

img_4527 Thimblepress Thimblepress IMG 4527 1













Shop Quill Society’s Thimblepress greeting card selection or go to the Thimblepress website or Etsy page for more!