Rain Folden rainRain Folden is the Owner of Cheeky Kumquat, a card company and Etsy shop that she started in 2013.  Not only are Rain’s cards totally hilarious, but her story is incredibly inspiring.  She started her company after losing her job in a round of lay offs, in an effort to contribute to her family’s bottom line while working from home to spend more time with her daughter.  In the end, by starting Cheeky Kumquat, Rain was able not only to earn an income, but also to do something she loved AND work from home.  What began out of adversity turned into something hugely positive.  I think I speak for everyone who has purchased or shopped Cheeky Kumquat cards when I say I am so glad that they exist!  I get such a great laugh every time I visit the shop.  Rain designs, prints, folds, and stuffs all of her own cards from home in between raising her two daughters.  She is truly an inspiration!

Rain Folden cheeky kumquat