I loved this Wall Street Journal article about the most popular holiday cards.  According to the article, which was based on data from Minted, sales of holidays cards this year increased for cards with messages of “hope” and “peace”, and decreased for cards with messages of “cheer”.  This was a major departure to last year, when cards that said “peace” were difficult to sell (according to Mariam Naficy, Minted’s CEO).   Much of this shift was attributed to the recent presidential election.  Since the election, cards with the word “peace” rose 14%!  Interestingly, there are geographic differences in preferences that somewhat reflect political orientations.  Another interesting takeaway from the article is that cards with photos were down year over year.  Loved these fun tidbits on holiday card themes from the Wall Street Journal!  Shop Quill Society’s favorite holiday cards here.

P.S. the featured image for this post is by Mr. Boddington