Following up on my post last week on break up cards by Wolf & Wren Press, I wanted to highlight Paper Epiphanies, another company that perfects the art of the break up card.  With her signature sense of humor and a unique ability to say things that push the envelope (no pun intended… well, kind of), Victoria Venturi has not one but a series of break up and divorce cards.  Considering that a key tenet of her brand is making women feel empowered, it’s not surprising that she has so many edgy, yet feminine options.  While I generally don’t associate profanity and letterpress cards with each other, Victoria manages to pull it off and still be classy.  Maybe it’s the use of an antique letterpress, maybe it’s the script, or maybe it’s just that her cards say what we’re all thinking but are afraid to say out loud.  Read on to see some of my favorites in her break up and divorce series.  You can see all of Paper Epiphanies break up and divorce cards here, or check out Quill Society’s top picks by Paper Epiphanies (spoiler alert: there are a lot).

S-talk_shit_about_someone  Break Up Cards by Paper Epiphanies S talk shit about someone
This card is everything. Can double as a sympathy card
w-cheesecake  Break Up Cards by Paper Epiphanies w cheesecake









w-fuck  Break Up Cards by Paper Epiphanies w fuck
Sometimes this just may sum it up best
paper epiphanies breakup card  Break Up Cards by Paper Epiphanies too upset to eat














w-oy_vey  Break Up Cards by Paper Epiphanies w oy vey
This is about as multipurpose as they come
w-prick  Break Up Cards by Paper Epiphanies w prick
Exactly what you’d say in person, on a card